Vintage Annuals

Box no. 8

You’ll find quite a nostalgic mixture here including:
collectible old comic annuals, magazine annuals and a Pop Music Annual including a 1958 Rupert annual.
Take a trip back to your childhood (or, if you are my age, your children’s childhood).

Please add £2.80p for postage for one book if you are in the UK and ask me about postage if you are outside UK. If you want to buy more than one annual, please contact me to ask for a discount and to enquire about postage

beezer 1971The Beezer Book 1971

Good Condition, very clean, part of spine torn off,
owners name in frontispiece £6.00 + postage



beano 1970 8th October 2008 017The Beano Book 1970

Spine missing, owner’s name on inside cover. Otherwise in good condition.  £8 + postage



The DaDandy 1970 Annual 040ndy Book 1970

Good/Fair condition, clean, but spine torn and front
cover slightly torn, owners name on frontispiece, otherwise unmarked £8.00 + postage



Dandy 1974 best 018The Dandy Book 1974

Good condition internally, but spine taped up, otherwise unmarked  £11 + Postage



deans superb book for boys


Deans Superb Book for Boys 1964
Fair Condition, spine missing, aged but unmarked £5 + postage

eagle no 9Eagle Annual No 9 Fair – very clean and unmarked, but cover is very worn and very buffed, one page loose £10 + postage
Look and Learn 1965 Good clean condition except spine has come away from binding. £6 + postage



look and learn 1965Look and Learn Book 1965

Good clean condition except spine has come away from binding.              £4 + Postage


TheMatchbox Annual Matchbox Annual 1979 1st Edition
Shiny illustrated boards. Very good clean condition, tiny tear on spine, first set of internal pages slightly loose (but still attached) £10 + postage

PeoplePeoples Friend Annual 1986 640‘s Friend 1986 Smalll annual, shiny illustrated boards. Cover in very good condition. £8.00 + postage

pop annual 8th October 2008 045

Pop Weekly Annual 1969 Very good clean condition but some pages loose and one page cut. Pictures of Elvis, Cliff, Tom Jones, Cat Stevens, Dusty Springfield, Paul Jones, Eric Burden, Beatles, Billy Fury, Paul Jones, Gene Pitney, Petula Elvis in Pop annual 3.10.08 053Clark, Cilla Black, Diana Ross, Sandie Shaw, John Walker, Mick Jagger £23.00 + postage

Elvis portrait 054

david essex annual 1976

David Essex Annual 1976 Fine condition, handwritten dedication on page 4. Ooh isn’t he luvly? £15.00 + postage

Rupert annual 022

Rupert Annual 1958 Not good condition – spine torn and part misRupert Annual torn spine 023sing,Boards clean but torn in one place, inside cover has come away from spine, so interior is loose, owners name and scribbles and writing on contents page and title page and back page, and on some puzzle pages, back page torn out, some scribbles or defacing on several internal pages, including 1 page with a bit cut out and another with a bit torn out – a book noticeably used by its owner, but clean £25 +          postage

Rupert annual 400Rupert Annual No. 56 1991 Cover looks in fine condition but Rupert annual scribbles 026interior back cover is torn and page 11 has a small tear. Owner’s name written on back of frontispiece.
ISBN 0 85079 242 8 £7.50 + postage

Rupert torn page 025  RESERVED

victor 1976

The Victor Book for Boys 1976 Very good condition – covers and internal pages fine, but part of the front inside page stuck to inside front cover has been torn off completely £4 + postage


Chips Annual l983 World Publishing, Manchester. Very good clean condition apart from very small 1 cm tear on bottom of spine. SBN 7235 6655 0 £10.00 + postage



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